GIS Association of Japan


Membership and Annual Fees

Membership typeTarget groupEntry feeAnnual fee
Regular member Anyone none ¥9,000 (Member using automatic debit system for the payment as of 1st  April, 2012)
¥10,000 (Others)
Student member Undergraduate, Graduate Students none ¥4,000 (Member using automatic debit system for the payment as of 1st )
¥5,000 (Others)
Supporting Member (General Enterprise) Business enterprises etc.
(Admission application requirements [in Japanese])
¥200,000 ¥50,000
Supporting Member (Juridical Foundation) Juridical Foundations etc.
(Admission application requirements [in Japanese])
none ¥50,000
Supporting Member (Local government) Regional governments etc.
(Admission application requirements [in Japanese])
none ¥10,000
Subscription Member Libraries etc. For details please see application procedures [in Japanese].


Please download the admission application form for the intended type of membership and send the completed form to the secretariat through the following address :

GISA Secretariat
1-1-1 Hitotsubashi,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 100-0003.
Palace Side  Building Co.,Ltd Mainichi Academic Forum
[Tel] +(81)-3-6267-4550
[Fax] +(81)-3-6267-4555

Download application form

Online membership application (in Japanese)

GISA Online membership application

Transfer Method

After the application is accepted by the board of directors,the stipulated annual fee should be transferred to the following account.

【Post Office】 Account No. 00180-2-504292
【Bank】 Mizuho Bank Hongou Branch Office (075), Account No. Ordinary (Futsu) 2740453

  • * For the Post Office, the Account name is "ChiriJouhouShisutemuGakkai", while for the Bank, the Account name is " Sha) ChiriJouhouShisutemuGakkaiJimukyoku"
  • * In bank transfer,sometimes it is difficult to distinguish the name of the sender, it would be better then to use the Post Office transfer. For using automatic debit system, the documents should reach the secretariat's office by May 1st so that it is in time for that year.  If not, the next payment accounts for the following year.

Automatic debit

If you wish to pay your annual fee through the automatic debit system, please contact the GISA Secretariat, .

The Association encourages this mode of payment for annual fees; and cites the following merits.

  1. One saves on time and effort spent in going to the bank or post office;remittance formalities are avoided.
  2. It is not necessary to keep the pay deadline in mind
  3. No commission on transfer
  4. Formalities are unnecessary, unless one transfers his bank account.
  5. Automatic debit system is explained in the GIS Newsletter on every March and others, there should thus be no doubts
  • * All money transfer issues are handled by "Mitsubishi UFJ Factor Corp".
  • * Bank transfers are shown on the passbook as "GISAnenkaihi".
  • * Automatic transfers are conducted on June 27, if it falls on a weekend or a public holiday then the transfer takes place on the next business day.
  • * The following financial institutions can be used for the automatic debit system

    Nationwide city banks, nationwide regional banks, nationwide second regional banks, nationwide trust banks, long-term credit banks, national labor credit associations, and national agricultural cooperative association(credit unions and the post office are not used for this service).

Caution on bank transfer request

  • * When one uses his/her own account, please enter depositor name, financial institution name and branch name, the branch number, deposit item and account number within the thickly outlined account column, and the seal/sign used with financial institution.
  • * In the case of corporation or foundation account number being used, in the bank details column, the depositor's name is the corporate's or company's name, banks address,representative,account name. In the next frame,, remember to fill the address of the person applying, name, and seal of the account holder.
  • * When automatic transfer is not used, in the remarks column of the admission application form, fill "automatic transfer is not carried out" . -- In payment of public expenditure and a corporation, if there are any conditions on the occasion of the demand of a bill etc., please also fill it in.