GIS Association of Japan



The purpose of GISA is to expand research in Geographic Information Systems (GIS); promote mutual exchanges and colloquiums for GIS researchers, officials, etc. in order to present the findings of their investigations; and contribute to the development of GIS research through organizational exchanges.


Research Conference

This event is held in autumn for two days in Tokyo or in some other region of Japan.

Scholarly Journal Issue

"Theory and Applications of GIS," a scholarly journal, is published in June and December. For publication requirements, please refer to the paper submission guidelines page.

GISA News Letter

GISA's activities, GIS related events, and news are communicated to its members through a News Letter that is circulated four times a year.

Special Interest Groups

Specialists from various fields assemble and engage in vibrant discussions and activities.

Membership, Fees, and Admission Procedures

Information is available on this page.

For Inquiries

People residing in the Kanto District who are interested in GISA can contact the Secretariat at the address below; others from outside Kanto are advised to contact their nearest regional office.

GISA Secretariat
Gakkai Center Bld.
4-267, Yayoi 2-chome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0032, Japan
[Tel/Fax] +(81)-3-5689-7955 [E-mail]