Announcement of the 28th academic research presentation meeting

The 28th Annual Meeting of the Geographic Information Systems Conference will be held on Saturday,19th and Sunday, 20th, of October 2019 at Jyosanjima Campus, Tokushima University. In addition to regular research presentations (lecture presentations, poster presentations), we also plan programs such as various project sessions (symposiums, workshops, hands-on sessions, tutorial sessions, GIS technology introduction sessions) this year. Please apply quickly.
Day Place
October 19(Sat) and 20(Sun), 2019 Tokushima University Jyosanjima Campus
(Liberal Arts and Sciences Building No.4-6, 1-1, Minamijyosanjima-cho, Tokushima-shi, Tokushima, 770-8502, JAPAN)

Application schedule

Research Presentation(Lecture・Poster)
Presentation request @ EasyChair
Presentation paper Manuscript PDF upload@ EasyChair
July 1st(Mon)~July 15th(Mon) Noon
July 1st(Mon)~August 31th(Sat) Noon
Equipment exhibition/Industry explanation section
Application for exhibition Until August 15th(Thu)

Participation fee

※ The participants who do not live in Japan, please pay on the day of the conference concidering the bank transfer fee. The participants who live in Japan, please follow the instruction in the following page.
Academic conference (including lecture paper CD-ROM fee) Pre-registration Receipt on the day
Regular member/support membership frame 4,000yen 6,000yen
Student member 3,000yen 4,000yen
Non-member(college students and above) 7,000yen 8,000yen
Below high school students, over 70 years old Free (Please be sure to show proof of age)

Social gathering @ Dining Kirara

Pre-registration Receipt on the day
Participation fee for social gathering 7,000yen

Lunch Information

School meals at Dining Kirara are not open on Sunday, 20th. The opening hours are 11:00am- 14:00pm.

    1. Research Presentation

    There will be presentation of speeches and poster presentation. The lecture papers will be published on CD-ROM.

    Lecture presentation: Submission of the paper is necessary. Thesis is the result of the theoretical research and applied research on geographical information systems, in principle limited to those unpublished. Also, although there is no originality / completeness, announcement will not be accepted.
    Poster presentations: Discussions at the research formation stage, investigation, activity reports and so on are fine. Please use here as a place to exchange information freely and actively. Submission of the paper is not essential, but manuscripts submitted will be included in the lecture paper collection.

    Both lectures and posters will not accept commercial promotional presentations. Please apply to equipment exhibition and GIS product / usage example introduction session.

    From the year of 2015, the point of the survey CPD learning program will be given to the presenter (first author) of the lecture presentation / poster presentation. When announced at the competition, it is  (1) possible to apply to "GIS senior engineer" and (2)possible to register to "survey CPD learning program." If you wish, please let us know at the reception on the day of the conference.

    Author requirements

    1. Anyone can participate. However,at least one of the presenter or co-researcher(co-name) must be an individual member(regular member/student member) of the GISA in order to submit a paper for publication. In addition, support members are considered to have qualification for one individual member for each member. 
    2. The person who will be the presenter, including support members, should follow the rule that only one subject per person. However, in the following cases, duplication of presentation will be accepted.
      • Being a co-researcher (multiple name) for multiple presentations.
      • To present speeches and posters on the same subject.
      • To make a presentation in both regural sessions and special sessions.
    3. The presentation can be announced at the conference venue at the appointed date and time. Appointed announcement date and time will not be accepted. In addition, the total number of presentations may be limited due to the scale of the venue.
    4. Members' type must be full payment of annual membership fee until 2019.

    Submission application

    1. Submission of abstract
    Reception period: From July 1st (Mon) to July 15th (Mon) Noon (must arrive)
    Please apply from EasyChair ≪≫.
    • The filled in name/topic will be posted on the newsletter/program of event tournament web page/lecture paper CD-ROM.
      We will not accept any modification after the deadline, so please be forewarned.
    • Please check the availability of the presentation through the conference web page's【program(proceed)】by July 31st(Wed). We will not contact you individually.
    2. Submission Procedure
    Reception period: July 1st (Mon)~ August 31th(Sat) Noon(must arrive)
    Please upload the published manuscript (PDF) with EasyChair.
    Please make full use of this template file for submission procedure.
    • Conference paper for form of CD-ROM, submission received after deadline will not be considered.
      So in that case, with the late conference submission, please be noted that your presentation will be canceled.
    • It should be written either in Japanese or in English.
    • Paper size should be set to A4 vertical, and within 4 pages.
    • In case of the possibility that it will be difficult to contact you, the presenter, please fill in the full information about your contact with your most accessible contact when you will submit. 
      The author may be requested to proofread the manuscript.
    • Copyright of the manuscript belongs to the Geographical Information Systems Association of Japan.

    2. International Association of Geo-informatics (IAG'i)

    The symposium of the International Association of Geo-informatics (IAG'i) is held along with the 28th Annual Meeting of the Geographic Information Systems Conference (October 19 to 20), and the registration for the IAG'i participants will start on October 18. The author requirements are as same as the 1. Research presentation but the paper and the presentation all should be in English. Applying to the both sessions, the symposium of the International Association of Geo-informatics (IAG'i), and the Research presentation, is possible. Please apply on the EasyChair by selecting the IAG'i.

    This is a special international symposium opportunity in Japan where you can interact with foreign researchers so please participate positively.

    3. The 15th Conference Excellent presentation Award

    In order to improve the presentation level of the student members, we will also establish the "Competition Excellence Announcement Award" this fiscal year. Those who satisfy the following conditions are eligible.

    • Being a student member of the assocatin (Icluding those whose application will arrive at the office by July 15th, 2019. However, the annual membership fee should be paid by 2019. )
    • Master's degree is not acquired
    • To be a speaker presenter
    The session moderator recommends the award candidate from the research (thesis)content and the excellent technician of the presentation technology, and the winner will be decided after discussion by the convention announcement award subcommittee established in the academic award committee. The number of winners is not specified.
    We will send the certificate to the winners at a later date and announce the name and affiliation to GISA Newsletter 112. 
    Also, we will post the summary of the presentation in "GISA-Theory and Application"Vol.27-NO.2(monochrome printed only).The winners should cooperate in submitting a single A4 size manuscript by November 15th (Fri).


    4. The 8th Poster Session Award

    In order to revitalize the discussion in the poster session, we will also establish a "Poster Session Award" this fiscal year. Poster session's presenters are subject to review. For the examination method, please see the examination paper to be handed over by post(pre-registration) or reception(reception on the day).


    We will send the certificate to the winners at a later date and announce the name and affiliation to GISA Newsletter 112. Also, we will post the summary of the presentation in "GISA-Theory and Application"Vol.27-NO.2(monochrome printed only).The winners should cooperate in submitting a single A4 size manuscript by November 15th (Fri).




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